Frequently Asked Questions:

What is This Exactly?:

A month long online course for families: Talk About It Real World Issues. You will have the option to access 10-15 minute daily lessons with my son and I. We will be having conversations about diversity, race, identity, bias, police brutality, and stereotypes. You can follow along and learn from us and with us. There will be questions to answer and practices to consider. These lessons will take place Monday through Friday for 4 weeks. And the lessons will build upon each other. Each day your children will be given a quick check for understanding assignments. You will also be able to upload their work to our private FB group and also ask kid related questions and learn within this community.

A new lesson will be released each day and replays will be available for three months!

20 lessons in all!

Who Is It For?:

Kids ages 5-8 and their caregivers (kids will be expected to write/draw, and discuss). You may choose to let them draw and write their responses for them.

When Does it Take Place?:

June 7th , 2021 - July 2nd, 2021

1 lesson/discussion will be available to watch and learn from each day. Taking each lesson one day at a time allows the important content to sink in. You and the child in your care will be able to build upon the previous days' discussion/lesson.

Why Is This Needed?:

To help students and their caregivers work towards being anti-racist by normalizing having important conversations about race, diversity, stereotypes, identity, and bias and discussing how to live this out in their lives.

Many caregivers want to have these conversations but have expressed that they aren't sure where to start. This will be a great starting point.

Where Does it Take Place?:

Online at HeySummit

Online in a Private Facebook group (meant for sharing your child's work or

questions & concerns about your child during the anti-racist workshop).

What Will I Need?:

A device to access the online course and Facebook, student work printed out, crayons

(preferably ones that show a range of skin color), & a pencil.

What Comes With My Purchase?:

Depends on the package chosen:

-General Admission to 20 daily lessons/discussions (with access for three months) + FB Group


-Own Your Own (digital download of lessons) + Pacing Guide + FB Group 

What if I Already Have the Talk About It Real World Issues Lessons and Would 

Just Like Access to the Sessions and/or Private Facebook Group?

The lesson on Police Brutality is an exclusive addition to this bundle and can only be obtained through one of the packages offered.

Access to only the pre-recorded lessons and/or Facebook group isn't being offered at this time.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the last day to register?

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Where is my eBook?

eBooks will be distributed a week for the workshop begins

What if there's only 1 lesson I need/want to see?

Sessions are not available for individual purchases. You will have access to 20 lessons. (6 topics)

Are there group discounts?

Discount: One ticket per family.

Is it possible to purchase only one session?

Unfortunately no, in order to keep our prices reasonable, the ticket prices include all 20 lessons (6 topics) for the duration of the workshop (June 7th - July 2nd), plus access to our private Facebook group.

How Do I Access the Sessions?

Method #1: An email will be sent before the start of each lesson with a link to the lesson. 

Method 2: Save your HeySummit login information and access your dashboard for each of your daily lessons (Monday - Friday)

How Do I Access the Facebook Group?

The Facebook Group information (signup, group rules & overall structure) will be provided on the first day of the workshop.

What if I am Having an Issue Accessing Sessions or Facebook Group

Email us at